BAFTA nomination for PJDN

Over the Easter break it was announced that ‘People Just Do Nothing’ has been nominated for a Best Comedy BAFTA.


Everyone on the team is chuffed and it would be great for the series to win on 8th May.

Right now we’re in the middle of making series 3 which will be on TV later this year.

In the meantime, the Kurupt FM crew have been appearing on the ‘Live Lounge’ which you can watch by clicking here.

Culture Club

This time last year a documentary I cut about Culture Club was on BBC4. I didn’t realise it but it was back on over Easter this year and is back on the iPlayer here.

It’s pleasing that it’s been repeated and still has legs. The TV critic, Paul Whitelaw, has been tweeting about it.

CC Small


People Just Do Nothing : Series II ‘Pick Of The Day’

We finished series 2 of ‘People Just Do Nothing’  at the end of May and it gets a first airing this week on BBC3 (always good when something goes out soon after you’ve finished it)

It’s been made pick of the day in a few places which is a nice compliment – we must have been doing something right.


The trailers are on now and the first episode of the new series is on Wednesday 15th at 10pm. If you can’t wait til then series 1 is back up on the iPlayer here.