PJDN 4 and ‘Palme D’or’

In mid July, I finished work on the new series of People Just Do Nothing. The good thing is it’s already up on the iPlayer along with a repeat on BBC1 on a Saturday night. I think someone at the Independent is a fan.


We’re into series 4 now and the stories in these episodes have got a bit more depth. The concern in the cutting room was that by going for bigger stories it could trample on the comedy.

PJDN 4 2

Hopefully we’ve got the balance right and I think we’ve got a series consistently as good as or better than the last (remember : nobody knows anything). Either way we’ve picked up some decent reviews and it’s satisfying that (re)viewers are picking up on the nuances that we weave in to the cuts.





In other news PJDN 3 has been nominated for a Palme D’or so fingers crossed we can bag one of them as well.


Following to Dunkirk

I only got round to seeing Dunkirk this week as I’d been away but finally went to see it at the BFI IMAX in Central London.


If you can, get there to see it before it leaves. It’s quite something. Visually it’s vast, but for me it’s the sound of the film, played over the system in that theatre that blew me away. I can’t imagine it being as good a film without the sonic force at the IMAX.

The other great thing about the release of a Chris Nolan film is that people always return to his back catalogue to have another look.

A friend sent me a link to articles ranking all his films. On the list is his first film ‘Following’ that I cut with him nearly 20 years ago (I’ll settle for being ranked 7th on the list below).



‘Following’ is up on Netflix etc and pops up on terrestrial TV every now and again. The story is told in a non linear way and it’s worth a watch as it’s a pretty clear blueprint for lots of his other films

Whilst other editors have worked on his films that are undoubtebly bigger and better, no one else can cut his first feature and it’s something I remain proud of.

Bagged it! A BAFTA for PJDN

Jeez. How did that happen?

We were all chuffed to be nominated again for a Best Scripted Comedy BAFTA this year. Back to back nominations. Ace.

IMG_7820.jpgThe only downside was how good all the other nominees were. Being up against
comedies of the calibre of Fleabag, Camping and Flowers was flattering, but mildly annoying. In footballing terms it was like being in a ‘group of death’. Like having to play Germany, Argentina and Brazil to stay alive.

BAFTAs 2017Asim, who plays Chabuddy G, was also up for best male performer. Sadly he lost out to Steve Coogan (I love his stuff, but surely he could let Asim win…) and after the boys had presented the trophy for ‘Best Continuing Drama’ we were pretty much counting down the time til we could go and get a beer. We were never going to win. Or were we?

Somehow, the jury had the wisdom / naivety to give to the award to us.

At which point, I don’t think any of us could believe we’d bagged it.

The video clip is up on youtube here.

As Seapa, (aka MC Grindah) said as he picked up the trophy ‘this came from nothing, just a bunch of friends making things on youtube’. Which is entirely true.

After that, we all went and had a nice cup of tea and some biscuits before heading home.

PJDN Wins Prizes

At the end of last year the Guardian printed a list of the ’50 best TV shows of the year’. We sneaked in at number 26. There was some brilliant TV on that list and it was good company to be in.

PJDN No 26

I started working on series four of People Just Do Nothing a few weeks back and we’re going to be busy on it through til the summer.

It’s been a good start to the year for series 3 as well. It’s picked up three RTS awards since the start of the year, including Best Scripted Comedy which is great.

We’ve also been nominated for two BAFTA’s this year, which is a massive 100% more than last year 🙂

BAFTA 2017 Ch G

BAFTA 2017 Best Comedy

We’ll find out at the end of May whether we bag either of those prizes but in the meantime I’ll be busy trying to raise the bar on series four.

‘Chewing Gum’ & ‘Inside Dior’

A couple of jobs I did in the run up to Christmas have been on recently.

The opening episode of series 2 of the comedy ‘Chewing Gum’ was well received in January.


And this week a documentary I did a few weeks work on to bring home transmits out as well.


Finally, on the last weekend before Christmas I went to see the Kurupt FM boys play a sell out show at Brixton Academy. It’s a show that combines their songs, classic urban hits, cameos from grime acts Big Narstie & P Money and (sort of) sketches from Chabuddy and the others. On paper, it’s a combination that shouldn’t work but when you see it, it makes complete sense. Somehow, it’s like being at a mate’s house party as every one is having such a blast. If they’re doing more, get yourself a ticket.


Horrible Histories BAFTA win

Here’s some good news. The Horrible Histories Shakespeare Special I cut last year has just picked up a BAFTA.


It was one of those occasions where from the first days rushes you could tell that the whole team were on good form and each day the entire cast and crew delivered the goods.

For me, Horrible Histories has got some way to run yet.

Long may it continue.


Bish(op) Bash Bosh

Sometimes you can spend months pouring over footage trying to chisel out tiny moments to create choherence,  ‘painting with light and crafting with time’ to create a master piece that no one then sees.

Other times you knock something up in a few hours, something clicks and people go nuts for it.

Filmed in about 10 minutes and cut in a few hours, I worked on this sketch a few weeks ago for Stand Up To Cancer.

What didn’t make the cut was the fact that Jose had come straight from the training ground. From the waist up, he’s wearing a jacket and shirt – from the waist down, tracky bottoms and trainers. Bishop was cracking up saying that he’d only been here a few weeks and had already started dressing like a ‘proper manc’. Very funny.