Documentary Credits

The Detectives Series 3 3 x 60’ Documentary Minnow Films/BBC2

Avid Offline (Additional editing). Series following UK detectives as they attempt to dismatle organised crime groups. Director : Ben Sanderson, Executive Producer : Morgan Matthews

Population with Chris Packham 1 x 60’ Documentary Curious Films/BBC Two

Avid Offline (additional editing & fine cutting) Chris Packham explores human .population & consumption as we approach 10 billion people
Director: Charlie Russell, Executive Producer: Dov Freedman

Charlotte Church : My Family & Me 1 x 60’ Obs Documentary Curious Films/C4

Avid Offline. Singer Charlotte Church spend five days with her parents in a remote location to unpack their differences. Director: Charlie Russell

The Accused USA 1 x 60’ Documentary Brinkworth Films/A&E Networks

Avid Offline (additional editing) Complex cases unfold from the defendant’s point of view.
Executive Producer: Malcolm Brinkworth

The Case of Sally Challen 1 x 90’ Documentary Minnow Films/BBC Two

Avid Offline (additional editing). Feature lenght doc exploring the groundbreaking case of Sally Challen, jailed for killing her husband in a hammer attack and her subsequent release following appeal. Producer/Director: Rowan Deacon, Executive Producer: Morgan Matthews

Children Who Kill with Susanna Reid   1 x 60′ Documentary   Minnow Films/ITV1

Avid offline. Exclusive access to the victim’s family, the killer and the courtroom in the resentencing of one of America’s most notorious juvenile murderers. Review Here.

Discovering Dior 1 (of 2) x 60′ Documentary  Finestripe/E4

Avid offline, Episode 2. Fine cutting and restructuring on a series going inside the fashion house Dior.

SAS: Who Dares Wins Series II 1 (of 5) x 60′ Documentary  Minnow Films/C4

Avid offline, Episode 4. Additional editing on series showing members of the public enduring the selection process of British Special Forces soldiers. RTS AWARD NOMINATED

British Army Girls  1 (of 3) x 60′ Documentary  Lion TV/C4

Avid offline, Episode 2. A series following female army recruits as they endure military training. Watch clips.

Miss Transgender: Britains New Beauty Queens  1 x 60′  Minnow Films/BBC3

Avid offline. Fine cutting and restructuring on a documentary following Britain’s first transgender beauty pageant. Watch clips. 

SAS: Who Dares Wins  1 (of 5) x 60′ Documentary  Minnow Films/C4

Avid offline, Episode 1. Groundbreaking series showing members of the public enduring the selection process of British Special Forces officers. GRIERSON & BROADCAST AWARD NOMINATED

Educating Cardiff  1 (of 8) x 60’ Documentary Series   Two Four/Ch4

Avid Offline. Additional editing on episode 6, following the relationship of young couple Georgia and Tyler. Watch clips.

Boy George & Culture Club  1 x 60′ Documentary  Mentorn/BBC4 

Avid Offline. This funny, observational film looks at the band’s troubled past, examining the themes of success, fame and ego, through the personalities of one of the most iconic bands of all time. Watch the film.

Educating the East End  1 (of 8) x 60’ Documentary Series   Two Four/Ch4

Avid Offline, Episode 6. Year 11 girls fall out in the run up to their leavers prom and exams. Also, additional editing across episodes 7 & 8. Watch clips.

Storyville : Shooting Bigfoot   1 x 90’ Feature Documentary   Minnow Films/BFI/BBC4

Avid Offline, additional editing. A hilarious / terrifying portrait of men who are obsessed with monsters and their quest to find them. Dir: Morgan Matthews. Watch clips.

Educating Yorkshire   1 (of 8) x 60’ Documentary Series   Two Four/Ch4

Avid Offline, Episode 8. English teacher, Mr Burton inspires Musharaf to overcome his stammer. Also, additional editing across the series. Watch clips. INTERNATIONAL EMMY WINNER, BAFTA NOMINATED, RTS & NTA AWARD WINNER 

The Sound Of Musicals   2 (of 3) x 60’ Documentary Series   Fresh One/Ch4

Avid Offline. Fine cutting and restructuring. An unprecendented look behind the scenes of the cut throat world of West End musicals. Dir: Charlie Russell.

Happy Families   1 (of 4) x 60’ Documentary Series   Two Four/ITV1

Avid Offline. Fine cutting and restructuring. Fixed rig series that looks behind Britain’s net curtains for an intimate insight into how we as families live, love and laugh.

Welcome To India   1 (of 3) x 60’ Observational Documentary   Keo Films/BBC2

Avid Offline. Documentary series following the lives of people using ingenuity and entrepreneurship to survive in some of India’s poorest neighbourhoods.

When Harry Left Hogwarts   1 x 90’ Feature Documentary   Minnow Films/Warner Bros

Avid Offline. Following both cast and crew as they shoot the final installments of the Harry Potter film series. Dir: Morgan Matthews. Watch clips.

Russell Brand: Skinned   1 x 60’ Documentary   Vanity Projects/Ch4

Avid Offline & Online. A documentary that tells the story of the ‘Scandalous Tour’, Russell’s rise to fame, sexual notoriety and first hand experience of the media storm around ‘Sachsgate’. Watch clips.

The Last Nazis   1 x 60’ Documentary   Minnow Films/BBC2

Avid Offline. This film follows Dr Efraim Zuroff in his international manhunt for one of the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminals; the ageing Dr Aribert Heim. The clock is ticking for Zuroff to bring his target to justice. Dir: Charlie Russell.

Cutting Edge: Teens and Tiaras   1 x 60’ Documentary   Minnow Films/C4

Avid Offline. Director Jane Treays’ Cutting Edge film follows ‘The London Season’ as it continues to ensure teenage daughters of Britain’s elite mix with youngsters from similar stock.

The Trouble with Girls: 3 Girls & 3 Babies   1 x 60’ Documentary   Minnow Films/BBC2

Avid Offline. Pregnancies upset the dynamics of a friendship group of teenage girls in Rochdale. Dir: Morgan Matthews

The Fallen: The Legacy Of Iraq   1 x 40’ Documentary   Minnow Films/BBC4

Additional Avid Offline. Following on from the multi-award winning The Fallen, The Fallen: Legacy of Iraq is a powerful documentary in which friends and family featured in The Fallen explore the deeply personal legacy Iraq has for them. Dir: Morgan Matthews

First Cut: In Search Of Mr Average   1 x 30’ Documentary   Century Films/C4

Avid Offline. This First Cut film records filmmaker Tim Wardle’s quest to find the most statistically average person in Britain. Director: Tim Wardle

Contenders: ‘Hair Wars’   1 x 60’ Documentary   Blast Films/BBC2

Avid Offline. Held every two years, the biggest and most prestigious of all hairdressing competitions, the ‘World Hairdressing Championships’ attracts the best competitive cutters from 49 countries. Dir: Morgan Matthews.

Dispatches   4 x 60’ Documentaries   First Frame/Ch4

Avid Online. “Spiked”, “Runaways”, “Child Contact”, “Adoption”

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