Comedy Credits


People Just Do Nothing : The Movie   Feature Film   Focus Features / Rough Cut Films

Avid Offline. Film adaption of the award winning TV series with Steve Stamp, Asim Chaudhry, Allan ‘Seapa’ Mustafa & Hugo Chegwin. Released Spring 2021

Comedy Bus   1 x 30’ Comedy Travelogue   Spelthorne Community TV / Comedy Central

Avid Offline. Tom Allen is our tour guide to his home town.

Sliced   3 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Lovely Electricity / Dave

Avid Offline. Samson Kayo (Timewasters) and Theo Barklem-Biggs (Kingsman: The Secret Service) deliver pizzas to South London.

360 Degrees with Kurupt FM   1 x 5’ VR Scripted Comedy   Roughcut TV / BBC VR

Producer. The BBC’s first comedy virtual reality film, puts you in Kurupt FM.

The Reluctant Landlord   30′ Sitcom Series   What Larks / Sky 1

Avid offline (Assembly editor) Semi- autobiographical sitcom from Romesh Ranganathan.

High & Dry   6 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Baby Cow/E4

Avid Offline. 6 episodes of new island based sit com from Marc Wootton. TX Spring 2018.

People Just Do Nothing, Series IV   6 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Roughcut TV/BBC3, BBC2

Avid Offline. 6 episodes of the scripted / improvised sit com. Review here.

Chewing Gum, Series II   1 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Retort /E4

Avid Offline. Episode 1 of the hit scripted sit com. Review here.                                   

BAFTA NOMINATED Best Scripted Comedy

Catherine Tate Live   VT Inserts   Phil McIntyre

Avid Offline. VT inserts for Catherine Tate’s ‘comedy comeback’ live show. Review here.

Drifters, Series IV   1 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Bwark /E4

Avid Offline. Episode 4 ‘Homeless’ of the scripted sit com. Watch here.

Brexageddon VT Inserts   Hat Trick /BBC

Avid Offline. The team behind ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ make a Brexit special.

People Just Do Nothing, Series III   6 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Roughcut TV/BBC3, BBC2

Avid Offline. 6 episodes of the scripted / improvised sit com. BAFTA WINNER of Best Scripted Comedy & 3 x RTS AWARD WINNER (inc Best Comedy) Review here.

Horrible Histories, Series 8   3 x 30’  Specials   Lion TV/cBBC 

Avid Offline. BAFTA WINNER 2016. 3 specials of the hit sketch show featuring Robert Webb.

People Just Do Nothing, Series II   5 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Roughcut TV/BBC3, BBC2

Avid Offline. 5 episodes of the BAFTA NOMINATED scripted / improvised sit com.

Drunk History Tiger Aspect / Comedy Central

Avid offline. Additional editing across the anarchic history series.

People Just Do Nothing   4 x 30’ Sitcom Series   Roughcut TV/BBC3

Avid Offline. Part scripted / improvised sit com that follows the lives of DJ’s from West London’s pirate radio station Kurupt FM.

Phone Shop Series III   6 x 30’ Sitcom   Talkback/Ch. 4

Avid Online. Comedy following a dysfunctional sales team of five at home and at work.

May The Best Man Win   1 x 75’ Feature Film   Objective / MTBMW Productions

Additional Avid Offline. Two lifelong best friends, obsessed with making YouTube comedy prank videos, become enemies when they both fall for the same girl and enter into a series of dangerous challenges to win her favor.

Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe   VT Inserts : Topical Comedy   Zeppotron/BBC2

Avid Offline. Charlie Brooker’s acidic weekly news review.

Facejacker Series II   6 x 30’ Comedy Sketch Show   Hat Trick/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Fonejacker Kayvan Novak disguised with prosthetics, up close and personal with the public. Watch clips.

Jon Bishop’s Britain   VT Inserts : Comedy Entertainment   Objective Productions/BBC1

Avid Offline. Liverpudlian stand-up John Bishop shares his unique comedic take on universal themes. Watch clips.

Cha’mone Mo’ Fo’ Selecta! : A Michael Jackson Tribute   1 x 60’ Comedy   C4/E4

Avid Offline. Leigh Francis’ comedy sketch journey through Jackson’s life. Watch clips.

Russell Brand: Scandalous   1 x 60’ Live Stand Up Comedy   Vanity Projects/C4 & DVD

Avid Offline & Online. Russell Brand’s sell-out gig (post Sachsgate) from the O2 arena.

Russell Brand’s Ponderland : Series I, II & Christmas Special   Vanity Projects/C4

Avid Offline & Online. BAFTA NOMINATED series. Russell Brand reviews archive footage in this mixture of stand up, monologues and clips. Watch clips.

Balls Of Steel Series I, II & III   6 x 60’ Comedy Sketch Show   Objective/Ch. 4

Avid Offline & Online. VT inserts & studio edit. Mark Dolan dares a team of fearless comedians and performers to perform pranks and stunts.

Mock The Week   6 x 30’ Topical Comedy Series   Angst/BBC

Avid Offline. Host Dara O’Briain tests the wits of celebrity panellists through a series of satirical games based on the week’s news.

News Knight with Sir Trevor Macdonald   6 x 30’ Topical Comedy   Hat Trick/ITV1

Avid Offline & Online. Sir Trevor McDonald delivers a comic slant on the top news stories of the week in his own inimitable style.

Bremner, Bird & Fortune Series X   6 x 60’ Topical Comedy Series   Vera/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Rory Bremner, John Bird and John Fortune take satirical sideswipes at the high and mighty.

Cyderdelic   4 x 30’   Comedy Series   BBC2/3

Avid Offline & Online; pilot and 3 episodes. Part improvised / scripted spoof documentary series following the activities of a ‘West Country direct action group within the growing anti-capitalist movement’.

Bill Bailey: Bewilderness   1 x 90’ Stand Up Comedy Special   Talent TV/C4

Avid Offline & Online. Stand up show with British Comedy Award winner, Bill Bailey.

The 11 O’Clock Show   VT Inserts : 30’ Comedy Series   Talkback Productions/C4

Avid Offline & Online. VT inserts for Ali G & Cyderdelic.

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