People Just Do Nothing 5 and VR short released

PJDN 5 Banner

The 5th and final series started this week on BBC2. The first episode has been received well by fans and reviewers.

There was a good 5* review in the Guardian you can read here along with some good pieces over the weekend.

Hopefully people will stay with it through til the finale in five weeks time.

The other neat thing that’s been released this week is a virtual reality sketch that we came up with this summer.

Jack Clough (director) and I came up with the concept for a 360 degree short film set in the Kurupt FM studio, and pitched it to the VR department at the BBC.

It’s the first time the BBC has made comedy in VR, and possibly a first outside of that as well. Chortle wrote about it here.

In the sketch, you’re sat on the sofa between Chabuddy and Steve on the Kurupt FM sofa whilst the rest of the crew perform – it works well.

It’s best viewed on an Oculus or Samsung VR headset. They’ve put a basic version up on YouTube for people to use with their phone Google Cardboard.

You can find the phone / YouTube version by clicking here but it’s way better viewed with a headset. Fingers crossed we get a chance to make some more.

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