High & Dried / Derren Brown / PJDN 5

The final episode of High & Dry went out on Friday. It got some decent reviews along the way and was ‘pick of the day’ in The Guide five weeks running.

I’d forgotten how much was packed into the series. It was good to watch it back after several months away from it. Like looking back at your holiday photos – it was good fun.



The music, a mix of vintage rocksteady tracks and composed music was great – it amused me that in the commercial breaks, adverts for reggae and ska compilations started to appear.

Someone was listening closely.


I’ve spent the last 3 months working on the next special for Derren Brown. Currently, it’s still veiled in secrecy but will appear later this year on Netflix.

And then this week the team has re assembled for what will be the fifth and final series of People Just Do Nothing. There’s six weeks of shooting followed by another few months of editing.


Lots of work ahead but if the first few days rushes are anything to go by, it should be a giggle.

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