Children Who Kill

The documentary film I cut for Minnow Films over the Christmas period was on ITV this week.

‘Children Who Kill’ fronted by Susanna Reid, was filmed in America where children can be given whole life sentences without parole – the harshest treatment of juveniles anywhere in the world.

The film followed the re sentencing of Josh Phillips who, at the age of 14 had brutally murderded his 8 year old neighbour, before hiding the body in his bedroom.

susanna reid

The Telegraph and The Times both gave the film good reviews (read here) and 3 million tuned in to what the papers called ‘this sensitive, intelligent & harrowing documentary’.

It’s always satifying to bring home a powerful and challenging film, but I was also pleased with how we managed to intercut all the different strands.

Weaving between the courtroom, contributors, and an interview with the murderer, kept all the differing perpectives alive throughout the film, allowing the viewer to bring their own conclusions to the unfolding events.

It can be re watched on the ITV hub for the next month here.

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