Following to Dunkirk

I only got round to seeing Dunkirk this week as I’d been away but finally went to see it at the BFI IMAX in Central London.


If you can, get there to see it before it leaves. It’s quite something. Visually it’s vast, but for me it’s the sound of the film, played over the system in that theatre that blew me away. I can’t imagine it being as good a film without the sonic force at the IMAX.

The other great thing about the release of a Chris Nolan film is that people always return to his back catalogue to have another look.

A friend sent me a link to articles ranking all his films. On the list is his first film ‘Following’ that I cut with him nearly 20 years ago (I’ll settle for being ranked 7th on the list below).

‘Following’ is up on Netflix etc and pops up on terrestrial TV every now and again. The story is told in a non linear way and it’s worth a watch as it’s a pretty clear blueprint for lots of his other films

Whilst other editors have worked on his films that are undoubtebly bigger and better, no one else can cut his first feature and it’s something I remain proud of.

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