Bagged it! A BAFTA for PJDN

Jeez. How did that happen?

We were all chuffed to be nominated again for a Best Scripted Comedy BAFTA this year. Back to back nominations. Ace.

IMG_7820.jpgThe only downside was how good all the other nominees were. Being up against
comedies of the calibre of Fleabag, Camping and Flowers was flattering, but mildly annoying. In footballing terms it was like being in a ‘group of death’. Like having to play Germany, Argentina and Brazil to stay alive.

BAFTAs 2017Asim, who plays Chabuddy G, was also up for best male performer. Sadly he lost out to Steve Coogan (I love his stuff, but surely he could let Asim win…) and after the boys had presented the trophy for ‘Best Continuing Drama’ we were pretty much counting down the time til we could go and get a beer. We were never going to win. Or were we?

Somehow, the jury had the wisdom / naivety to give to the award to us.

At which point, I don’t think any of us could believe we’d bagged it.

The video clip is up on youtube here.

As Seapa, (aka MC Grindah) said as he picked up the trophy ‘this came from nothing, just a bunch of friends making things on youtube’. Which is entirely true.

After that, we all went and had a nice cup of tea and some biscuits before heading home.

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